Suburban High

The Most Important Lessons Aren't In The Classroom


Suburban High is a novel geared towards the teen and young adult reader base. It is written by Talen Williams.

Taking place in the 1999, Suburban High tells the tale of William Moon, a fourteen-year-old African-American boy whose family moves from an infamously rough neighborhood to the upper middle class suburbs of the town of Ingram Park. It is in this new environment where Will must face the challenges all teenagers must go through: making new friends, adjusting to an entirely new life, oh and wrestling with the nightmares of his past that keep him up at night.

Suburban High Is Now Available in both paperback and e-reader formats:

Amazon (Paperback and Kindle Versions)
Barnes & Noble (Paperback)
iBooks (for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)
Google Play (for Web, Android Tablets & Phones and E-Readers)
Kobo (for E-Readers)

This blog will keep readers and fans updated with the goings on with the book, and eventually the series and also provide additional insight into the characters, locales, and history behind the story.

Suburban High, characters & events
©2016-2017 Talen Williams
Suburban High is published by WaveCloud Corporation


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