Written By Talen Williams

When it comes to picking favorite song, not just for his CD but in general, William Moon normally analyzes the lyrics before he decides if it’s worth his time. After all, he had only one CD to burn; he didn’t want to wast a minute or a megabyte on a song he was going to just skip over because the lyrics or flow didn’t resonate with him.

But that wasn’t the case 100% of the time. Sometimes, a song could catch Will’s ear and attention with just the instrumental. Such  was the case when he heard Superthug by N.O.R.E for the first time on the radio.

This was Will’s first experience with the beat making prowess of The Neptunes. And ever since he’s been a huge fan of their work. When it came to future releases, it didn’t even matter if they produced tracks for some of his least favorite musicians. He’d fall in love with the track regardless; at the very least he’d seek out an instrumental version of the song if it was available on the single.

Superthug itself wasn’t a bad song lyrically. In fact, in the beginning, it was on Will’s CD because of the instrumental. But as time went on, and he listened to the song more and more, the lyrics and flow started to grow on him. During his time in Ingram Park, Will would come across more music across several genres where this would be the case.