Written by Talen Williams

It was about two months ago when I would hear the knock on the door that would change everything. I opened the door to see a Fed-Ex deliveryman asking me to sign for a package. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I reluctantly signed for and opened it to see this:


I was holding the finished copy of the book I started writing in late December of 2015. Not only was I officially a published author, but the story I’ve always wanted to tell was now available for everyone to read! Suburban High officially hit the Amazon store as a paperback on November 23. Kindle versions and books on other storefronts would start popping up shortly after.

I’ve received tremendous support from my friends and family who purchased copies of the book and have said that they’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and have told their friends and family about it. I can’t thank them enough for all of it!

In the next few days, I’m expected to receive my first sales report. It will probably only include Amazon paperback sales due to the timing. I’ve been anxious to see the numbers because the sales rank of the book on Amazon have been bouncing up and down since its initial release.

Regardless, I’ll rest easy knowing that I’ve done nearly everything in my power to get the word out about the book. I know as a first-time indie author, success doesn’t happen overnight. I will continue to seek out new avenues to promote the book including the continuation of promoted posts from the Facebook page and encouraging book readers to like the page (the Instagram one too!)

One thing I’ve learned on this journey so far is that it’s not cheap! I’ve come across several sources that are willing and able to help promote the book. I’ve looked into each of them and picked out a few of them I’d like to utilize. I also would like to start sending review copies to several indie book reviewers. The only problem is that this cost money, money I don’t have.

Around the same time the book was released, I was laid-off from my job. I’ve been looking and applying for jobs in the field of graphic design, where I earned my degree, only to keep getting rejection emails and piling bills. It’s been discouraging. Some times I’ve wanted to scrap everything including the next book.

But the other day I got a text message from my mother:


And so I will. Not just for her, but for myself. For my family, for my friends who have wished me nothing but success.