Written By Talen Williams

In the first entry of Will’s Burned CD, I wrote that the tracks that William Moon chose for his CD were chosen almost entirely at random. This song wasn’t. This song was essential for Will. This song hit home:

In Suburban High William Moon is relocated from a town so infamous that even the seemingly sheltered kids of Ingram Park know about it. Whenever he mentions where he came from, he is met with responses of surprise, shock, fear, or in Rob’s case, admiration.

While Will never voluntarily participated in anything that Salem is known for, he bore witness to it on a near daily basis. At first the things he saw shook him up. It’s speculated that it’s what attributed to his generally quiet, reclusive nature. Over time, there wasn’t much that happened in that town that came to a shock to him anymore. But it didn’t change his mood.

Despite him not associating with the kids his age, or anyone for that matter, some of which took part in the things Salem was known for, he was not exempt from their attempts of peer pressure. And with each time he was able to deter from said peer pressure, he’d become more alienated, and more of a target for both verbal and physical harassment from the other kids.

But Will’s peers in Ingram Park don’t know that. When they hear that he’s from Salem, they automatically make assumptions about his character; that he is no different from any of the people from Salem that they’ve seen on TV or heard about in the news.

“Nathan tells me you’re from Salem.”
“I’ve only heard stories about that place; I’ve read articles online and in magazines. I heard it’s been going downhill since after the civil rights movement of the sixties.”
“I wouldn’t know about all that. But yeah, life in Salem wasn’t pretty.”
“And yet, here you are, as alive as the day you were born. That’s gotta count for something right?”
“I guess.”

Even if he didn’t directly live the hard knock life, he couldn’t avoid it. And even though he’s not in Salem anymore, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort before he can completely leave it behind.