Written By Talen Williams
Sorry for the late updates in the blog. I’ve been sick.

Those who have already read Suburban High (if you haven’t you should, I’ve been told it’s great!) have expressed their fondness for the character, Nathan Stone.  Some even consider him to be their favorite character! Nathan is Will’s first official friend at Ingram Park. Through the story, he shows Will the ropes of suburban life in Ingram Park by explaining some of the “rules.”

And consider that lesson one of suburban life, dude. There’s much more to people than how they look and how they act.

I wanted to provide a few a bit more background information on the character:

Stephenson Middle School Yearbook Photo
Seventh Grade

Nathan was born in 1984 to Colonel Lucas & Sarah Stone in Ingram Park. When his dad returned from his tour in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, he learned of his wife’s infidelity coupled in with other factors that affected their marriage. During his parents brutal divorce in 1992, Nathan made it painfully clear to the courts that he wanted to live with his dad. The judge granted his request under several conditions. His dad and him would remain in Ingram Park while his mother and older sister, Melissa, took off to California.

Despite a divorce, which is always toughest on the kids, Nathan has always maintained an upbeat attitude towards life. He found ways to occupy his time outside of school while his dad was off on field training exercises and other army related stuff. He picked up skateboarding as his main hobby and also got into paint balling and even played around with a bass guitar every now and then.

It’s no secret that Nathan loves the ladies. He doesn’t have a set preference when it comes to type, although he’s really fond of the older ones! Rarely, if ever, does he let an opportunity to woo a girl over slip by when it presents itself. And even though his attempts almost end in failure, he never let it discourage him from trying again with someone else; he gets right back on that horse and tries again!

Though Nathan isn’t the “big man on campus” at Washington High yet (give him time, he’s just a freshman) He is well known around the neighborhood. He skates with the convenience store loiterers from time to time, and off screen, he hangs out with other kids from his middle school that go to Washington with him now.

But as friends go. He really only has one true friend up to this point, Ashley Baker. The two met in fifth grade and bonded over the fact that their parents were always coming and going as their work commanded. Friendship with Ashley was a package deal. Through her he’d become friends with another girl, one who’s story could fill another book (one that I’m currently writing!)

Nathan may come off as completely carefree. And when it comes to pursuing members of the opposite sex, he demeanor is a combination of inexperience and brashness. But Nathan has proven time and time again his loyalty to those he’s close with. During the “incident” which broke up the friendship Ashley and he had with the other girl in their group, He was there by  Ashley’s side through the aftermath.

There’s much more to Nathan than this. He’s more than a supporting character. Through future installments of the series, Nathan too will grow and change as a character. His loyalty to his friends will be tested time and time again. But he doesn’t have to worry about that now. He’s more focused on helping  a female classmate with her Algebra homework…