Written By Talen Williams | Image Designed by Freepik

When writing Suburban High, I was presented with many conflicts. One of the biggest was how I was going to present the story. Should I recite the entirety of William Moon’s transition into life in the suburbs and high school all in one book? Or should I spread it out into multiple installments? Ultimately, I chose the latter, because Will’s story is not a simple one.

In Imaginative Writing The Elements of Craft the author, Janet Burroway, states:

A dynamic character is someone capable of change. The encounter or collusion of one character with others will force such change, and the story is the process of that change. The change occurs because the character confronts a situation that will challenge her/his assumptions and somehow shake up the easy beliefs-hence the prevalence of strangers, journeys, and worlds.

William is a character in which this adage definitely applies to. Before his move to Ingram Park, he had spent most of his life mostly exposed to one or two character archetypes and one or two ways of life, one or two major points of view on pretty much everything. His response to everything was pretty much the same, because life in general for his was pretty much the same.

During his brief time in his new town, he’s come across different people, with different personalities, in different areas that have have forced him to respond and adapt in different ways. So far his response to most have been that of indifference; indifference based on internal fear. He’s not as ready to become open to change yet.

And this is why I’ve chosen to write several entries into the Suburban High series. In future installments, William is going to cross paths with several new and different characters. Over time, the experiences he has with these characters will force him to change drastically. This will not only affect him, but others as well.

But there is a down side to this as well. In the first book, there are a few excerpts that elude to characters and events that were not mentioned anywhere else in the story. These were intentional, as the decision to write more installments in the series was made as I was writing the first book. However, most of the readers didn’t know that leaving them confused as to where those certain parts were leading to. But I like to think that has also piqued their interest as to where the overall story is headed.