Written by Talen Williams

In the last entry, I started to talk about the burned CD that William Moon keeps in his CD player. The tracks of that CD aren’t exclusively hip-hop.

Will wanted to make sure that all eighty minutes on the blank CD he had were full. So when he downloaded all of the hip-hop tracks that he wanted, he browsed the “discover” window of the program. He came across a list of the most downloaded songs and discovered this classic:

Will didn’t get to hear the song until it was actually on the CD and he had a chance to play it. However, when he did, he became hypnotized by it. It wasn’t just the vocals but the instrumentals in the background that moved him.

It had been a while since Will had heard any form of electronic music, outside of Killer Cuts, of course. It had been a few years since songs like The Sign by Ace of Base, 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters, and Mr Vain by Culture Beat were hits on the pop music radio station. In fact, this particular song wouldn’t reach the top charts in the US until around 2000, when it would be re-released; at this point it was big in the United Kingdom, however.

Much like with Quiet Storm and uncut hip-hop, It Feels So Good by Sonique would be Will’s first experience with one of the styles of electronic music that would grow in popularity within the next few years.

It’s going to blow his mind when he learns about the 24/7 dance music radio station Ingram Park has…